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Raft & Kayak


Give your legs a break by giving your arms one heck of an exhilarating workout powering through whitewater. At the very headwaters of the Cheremosh and Prut rivers, rafters and kayakers have the chance to paddle through some of the clearest and cleanest water in all of Europe. Excursions cover Class II - III rapids. The season runs from March to the end of September (wetsuits required outside of summer months).


Fees: Range from as low as $14 (3.8 mi route) to $35 (12.4 mi route). Wetsuit rental can be additional, for some. Full-day or multi-day packages are available that include transit, meals, and lodging from outfitters at additional cost.

Raftynh Yaremche - Turklub
Address: Bулиця Івана Франка, буд. 8, Верховина
GPS: 48°09’18.3”N 24°49’48.6”E
Tel: +380960545401

Hours:  10 am - 2 pm


Bilyi Slon Camp
Address: Village, Topilche, Дземброня
GPS: 48°06’21.2”N 24°43’48.3”E
Tel: +380989998873


Skyta Raftynh
Address: Bулиця Заводська, 16, Ворохта
GPS: 48°16’34.1”N 24°34’55.5”E
Tel: +380970626062

Hours:  8 am - 5 pm

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