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Four Perfect Seasons

Are you looking to escape the hot Texan sun? Perhaps you seek a brief reprieve from the flat beauty of Canada’s Prairie Provinces? Or maybe your arm just needs a little break from holding up that umbrella in Seattle? Each season reveals an entirely new dimension of the Ukrainian Carpathians. With four distinct seasons, you’re bound to find the perfect season for you. 


Of course without yet visiting, you may be having difficulty visualizing each of the Carpathian seasons. For context, the most similar climate in North America would be that of New Hampshire or Vermont.


( - Весна - )

Watch the mountains awaken from winter’s nocturnal slumber. A carpet of herbs and flowers covers the ground. Beautifully decorated pysanky - Ukrainian Easter eggs - embody the spirit of Easter and Spring. During this time of transition, squeeze in one last run down the slopes of Bukovel or be one of the first of the year to hike the recently revealed trails to the summits. Like Spring almost everywhere, expect changeable weather that can keep you on your toes. Be sure to pack your boots as the snow melts to mud.


41°F / 26°F


54°F / 34°F


64°F / 43°F



( - Літо - )

Easily the most popular time of year. You are sure to enjoy your time outside. Scores of activities beckon: biking, swimming, white water kayaking, rafting, fishing, berrypicking, and so much more. Summer is meant for hiking in the Carpathians. The average temperature is a very comfortable 64°F to 77°F. Mountains are known for making their own weather, so don’t forget your raincoat for those spontaneous afternoon thunderstorms.


68°F / 49°F


72°F / 52°F


64°F / 50°F


( - Осінь - )

Crowds fade away, while the mushroom kingdom spreads across the landscape. A paradise for leaf peepers. Colorful foliage paints the mountains as the earth readies for winter. It’s time for carriage rides, birdwatching, sightseeing, lengthening evenings indoors, harvest and the traditional wedding season that follows. Remember to bring along a coat for those chilly evenings around a campfire.


64°F / 43°F


54°F / 35°F


41°F / 28°F



( - Зима - )

The veil of snow reveals an entirely different Carpathians. Chilly temperatures allow for frozen waterfalls and immaculately maintained slopes. Museums, ice-skating, skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, and sleigh rides beckon. Dips into hot tubs or banyas - Ukrainian saunas - provide a relaxing contrast. Extend the festive holiday cheers into the new year by celebrating Orthodox Christmas in January.


31°F / 17°F


28°F / 14°F


32°F / 19°F

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