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Carpathian Gateway


The town of Yaremche is an excellent base of operations for your Carpathian expedition due to its central location, highly developed hospitality services, and strong transit connections. Beyond its logistical benefits, the town itself and its immediate vicinity has a number of natural and cultural venues well worth exploring, as you’ll discover throughout this site.

Whatever your destination, your first stop should be Yaremche’s visitor-center. Helpful staff provide lodging, food, and transit recommendations as well as give you latest information on park conditions. It’s considered a model within the Ukrainian National Park system for its coverage of environmental conservation. In addition to a short film on the Carpathians (English version available on request), you’ll find excellent exhibits on the region’s nature, history, and religion. An English guide may be available to translate. For larger groups looking for a seminar space, there’s a multi-media conference hall with a capacity of 70 people.

Yaremche Visitor Center

Address: Bулиця Василя Стуса, 6, Яремче

GPS: 48°26’44.6”N 24°32’53.4”E

Tel: +38 03434 22731


Hours: 8 am - 5 pm (M - F)

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