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Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast is blessed with many waterfalls. One of the most accessible, Probiy is a waterfall on the Prut River in Yaremche that cascades 26 feet at an angle of 45 degrees over Yamnenski sandstones into one of the deeper basins in the Carpathians. A souvenir market is situated behind the waterfall. Visitors can enjoy picturesque mountain landscapes and observe the noisy waterfall from a well known, 65-foot high walking bridge and viewing platform. Locals sometimes dive from the bridge to earn money from tourists. Bukhivets and Maniva waterfalls are a bit more difficult to get to, but worth exploring as well.

Probiy Waterfall

Address: вулиця І.Петраша, 12, Яремче

GPS: 48°26’22.5”N 24°32’23.4”E

Hours: 24/7

Maniava Waterfall

Address: Манява

GPS: 48°26’22.5”N 24°32’23.4”E

Hours: 24/7

Bukhtivets Waterfall

Address: Букове

GPS: 48°36′10.66″N 24°22′7.1″E

Hours: 24/7

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