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Mountain Bike


Itching to give mountain biking a try, or to perfect your already strong skills? You can scratch either itch in Ukraine’s Carpathians while riding by waterfalls, forts, castles, and alpine meadows. Lean fully into your adventurous side by taking every twisty-turny curve on dedicated mountain biking trails in the Carpathians. What a fantastic way to challenge yourself and connect with nature at the same time. You can even save your energy on lift-served trails. Hop on and start at the top!

Bukovel Bike Park

Address: Буковель, Lift 14
GPS: 48°21'42.3"N 24°24'21.4"E
Tel: +380984951218
Hours: 9 am - 5 pm
Fees: $10 per day. Multi-day discounts available.

Bilyi Slon Camp
Address: Village, Topilche, Дземброня
GPS: 48°06’21.2”N 24°43’48.3”E
Tel: +380989998873


Fees: $12.50  per day. Helmet and instructor-guide extra.

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