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Sleigh &

Horseback Rides


Over the river and through the snowdusted woods in a horse-drawn sleigh or carriage, tucked under cozy blankets while lulled by the sounds of snow crunching and bells jingling, may be the most stylish and romantic transportation you’ve ever taken. Trail riding led by a guide on foot or on horseback is a great opportunity for recreation and relaxation in the beautiful mountains, too. Destinations include Girl’s Tears Waterfall, Makovytsia Mountain, and Yavirnyk Mountain. You may even ride on a breed of horse developed in Hutsulsczyna known for its strength and stamina and still used today by shepherds in the area.

Equestrian Center

Address: Bулиця Михайла Грушевського, 1, Яремче

(next to visitor center)

GPS: 48°26’43.4”N 24°33’00.0”E

Tel: +380989486114; +380938389000

Hours: 10 am - 6 pm

Reservations: Walk-up only.

Fees: $10.75 per 1 hour Included: An instructor-guide who’ll accompany you

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