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Churches from the 16th to 21st century are well-known features of the Carpathian landscape. Don’t think that if you’ve seen one Hutsul church, you’ve seen them all. Each church has its own unique charms, so if sacred architecture is one of your interests, you can look forward to spending hours of fascinating touring.

Church of St. Apostles Peter and

Church of St. Apostles Peter and Paul

Year Built: 2000

Address: вулиця Партизанська, Яремче

GPS: 48°26'20.9"N 24°31'57.3"E

There is "a garden of martyrs" on the yard of the church. This is an artificial tomb with a stone cross on the top. There are sculptures of martyrs of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church.


Church of the Miracle of St. Archistrategos Michael

Year Built: 1726 and 1844

Address: вулиця Кам'янка, Яремче

GPS: 48°28'35.1"N 24°34'37.8"E

Situated high on the hill on the bank of the Kamyanka River, this church  is dated 1726 and modernized in 1844. Today the church is a national monument. The walls have ornamental paintings of the 19th and 20th  centuries.


Church of St. Prophet Elijah

Year Built: 2015

Address: вулиця Свободи, Яремче

GPS: 48°28'14.3"N 24°34'25.0"E

This monastery church built in the Hutsul style is located on the motorway in the Dora settlement. It was built close to the old church of 1938 that burned down in 2014.

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin M

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Year Built: 1904

Address: вулиця Сидора Ковпака, Яремче

GPS: 48°27'15.8"N 24°33'16.8"E

A wooden church situated close to the bus station, it  was built in 1904. An iconostasis of the 18th - 19th centuries by an unknown artist has been preserved there. There is a two-tier bell tower in the church yard built in 1938.


Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist

Year Built: 2008

Address: вулиця Свободи, 291, Яремче

GPS: 48°26'51.0"N 24°33'10.7"E

This modern church situated in the town center looks very beautiful among the Carpathian Mountains and was blessed in 2008. The iconostasis and wall were painted in the Byzantine style.


Church of St. John the Merciful

Year Built: XVII - XVIII century

Address: вулиця Свободи, 316, Яремче

GPS: 48°25'49.8"N 24°33'57.6"E

This wooden church and its belltower are considered a masterpiece of Hutsul sacred architecture. It is located in the Yamna settlement.

Cathedral of Transfiguration

Cathedral of Transfiguration of Jesus

Address: вулиця Гетьмана Івана Мазепи, 56-А, Коломия

GPS: 48°31'27.6"N 25°02'41.5"E

This important  temple of the Kolomyia and Chernivtsi diocese of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church has walls painted in the Byzantine style. Paintings tell of the Transfiguration of Jesus, apostles, Christian holidays, and Ukrainian Saints. It is one of the biggest churches in Western Ukraine.

Church of Annunciation Kolomyia.jpg

Church of Annunciation of Virgin Mary

Year Built: 1587

Address: вулиця Карпатська, 2, Коломия

GPS: 48°31'38.7"N 25°01'23.1"E

When you enter Kolomyia you can see an old wooden church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.  It was built in 1587 and is one of the oldest churches in Western Ukraine.

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