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Bird Watch


Ukraine is home to 14,000 birders – and you can become the 14,001st! It’s easy to understand why bird watching is becoming such a popular activity. It promotes conservation and provides a year-round, life-long hobby, usually out of doors in healthful, bird-filled nature. It can be pursued solo or in congenial groups. Costs to get started are minimal. All you’ll need is a field guide, notebook, and birding app, although you’ll probably want a pair of binoculars, too.


Whether you’re an experienced birder or novice, Ukraine’s Carpathians promise many happy hours of discovery tramping through inviting landscapes to add to your list of birds both common and rare. Be sure to pack your latest edition of Birds of Europe or download the eBird app to identify the more than 100 different species of birds that are protected within the Carpathian National Nature Park to include the hoopoe, european goldfinch, and booted eagle.

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