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Barefoot Trail


Are you tired of urban asphalt, and concrete? Want to touch something genuine and natural? At the Barefoot trail, you can walk sans footwear on various natural materials, soft sand or even hard stones. This will help to relieve fatigue, harden the body and increase its overall tone. The trail contains areas with pebbles, large stones, moss, grass, needles, cones, tree roots, sawdust, stumps and clay. The total length of the trail is half a mile. This unusual, inexpensive experience in a natural environment will definitely please and benefit you.

Address: Bулиця Михайла Грушевського, Яремче

GPS: 48°26’46.5”N 24°32’19.3”E

Hours: 8 am - 5 pm (May - Mid. Oct)

Fees: $1.25

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