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Banyas & Hot Tubs


Ahh! Whether you spend your day sharing a book of love poetry or challenging every one of the muscles you didn’t know you had, you’ll welcome a chance to enjoy a hot tub or the pleasures of Ukraine’s answer to Finland’s sauna. Relax in a hot tub scented with soothing essential oils and Carpathian herbs, or destress in a wooden banya, or sauna, both perfect for resting and rejuvenating after a busy day in Ukraine’s mountains. Or try both on alternate days!

Sophia (Софія) Sauna

Address: Bулиця Гната Хоткевича, 12B, Яремче

GPS: 48°27’02.0”N 24°33’23.9”E

Tel: +380673436269; +380503735252

Hours: 8 am - 12 am

Fees: $17.75 per 1 hour

Vedmezhyi lis (Ведмежий ліс) Hot Tubs

Address: Bулиця Галицька, 126 В’їзд З Вулиці, Bулиця Богдана Хмельницького, Яремче

GPS: 48°26’58.0”N 24°32’25.1”E

Tel: +380961791502 (Book a day before)

Hours: 9 am - 12 am

Fees: From $42.25 to $70.25 per 2 hours for entire tub

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