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Ready for an epic adventure with YOU in the driver’s seat? Accept the challenge – and thrills – of quad riding amongst the staggering splendor of Ukraine’s Carpathians! Experience the strength and speed of an All Terrain Vehicle. Tackle terrain that normal 4x4s could never handle without compromising covering a large swath of land fast. You might not be building your lung capacity in an ATV, but you’ll be sure to get your dose of adrenaline.

Kvadro Extrim (Квадро Екстрім)

Address: Bулиця Степана Бандери, 1/2, Яремче
GPS: 48°26’58.5”N 24°33’08.0”E
Hours:  8 am - 9 pm

Fees: from $32 to $50 per 1 hour (Carries up to 2 people)

Fees include: equipment, services of instructor

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